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Checking a Property

Our lawyer carry out the following checks:

Verifying that a property belongs to the vendor or that he has legal authority to sell it. Note that when there’s more than one owner, which is often the case in Greece, all owners must agree to the sale.
Making sure that there are no tenants. If there are, you must ensure that you will obtain vacant possession.
Checking that there are no pre-emption rights over a property and that there are no plans to construct anything that would adversely affect the value, enjoyment or use of the property such as roads, railway lines, factories or any other developments.
Checking that the boundaries and measurements in the deeds are accurate. When buying a property with a plot of land, the boundaries must be surveyed.
Ensuring that building permits and planning permissions, e.g. building licence, are in order and are genuine, and that a property was built in accordance with the plans.
Checking that there are no encumbrances or liens, e.g. mortgages or loans, against a property or any outstanding debts, such as local taxes.
Ensuring that proper title is obtained and arranging the necessary registration of ownership.
GEOLINE will carry out the above checks for you and pass the information to your lawyer.