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GEOLINE provides integrated solutions for the renovation of private and commercial property.

The renovation of a house upgrades the quality of life of the people living in it and adds value to the property itself. Renovations in a workplace increases the performance which translates into functionality, employee productivity, attractiveness for customers, etc.
We discuss with the clients in order to understand their needs and requirements and make the necessary measurements so as to suggest the best possible proposal. Before presenting the proposal for the renovation, the company’s engineers study and utilize the static design of the existing building and its expansion capabilities, so that all interventions are guaranteed safe and fully operational.
The company utilizes a full team of engineers, who cover a spectrum of activities from all disciplines including architects, civil engineers, mechanical engineers, designers and experienced crews to meet the requirements of any renovation project.
Our company has the potential to offer all services needed for a renovation:
Issuance of a building permit, if deemed necessary for the renovation.
Suggestions of high aesthetics and contemporary design.
Use of high quality and durable materials
Proper application and positioning of materials
Any technical work
Energy upgrading of the property
Supervision of work by experts
Maintenance schedule
Record project budget