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Purchasing Property

If you are interested in purchasing property in Greece, GEOLINE will offer you exceptional assistance throughout the transaction process.
Greece is one of the top tourism destinations in the world and investors may find a wide spectrum of opportunities.
We have more than 15,000 kilometres of coastline, 190,000 beaches, and 6,000 islands and visitors are discovering the diverse selection of sailing and cruising options.
The mediterranean climate is ideal for year-round tourism and one of the priorities of Greece today is to create a dynamic, four-season tourism infrastructure.
Following its successful staging of the 2004 Olympic Games, Greece became the focal point of the tourism market and realized a huge jump in tourist arrivals. The Games have also proved to be a positive catalyst for widespread infrastructure development.
The Real Estate market in Greece has changed in the last few years mostly due to the implementation of major projects, lower interest rates, reduced exchange rate risks and the establishment of new financial instruments such as leasing and real estate funds.
Buying and owning a property in Greece is simple and straightforward. By law, foreigners can own property in most areas of Greece, with some restrictions applying in border areas for non-European Union citizens.
The cost of buying property in Greece differs according to whether a property is newly built or previously owned.
Furthermore, according to a new Greek Law, a foreign citizen who spends 250.000 EUROS or more to buy property in Greece, will acquire a 5year VISA with the option to be renewed.